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Redesign ugly outdated websites

5 reasons Your Website Needs a Redesign

May 19, 2022
Internet Marketing Agency Covington GA - WebWorkz

Is a redesign of your site well needed?

Let’s face it, times have been tough in the midst of rising costs with inflation. It’s possible that you’ve already seen a decline in sales, but, there may be some hidden opportunities that are right in front of you. Consider this,  it might be time to revamp or totally redesign your website. We have put together a list of signs that your existing website needs to be brought back from the dead.

1. Visitor Engagement is Poor

 If your visitors aren’t watching your videos, reading or sharing your blog posts, or making purchases, you’ll want to rethink the content you’re publishing on your website.


2. It’s hard to find your way around

If your website does not have clear navigation, it is cluttered or convoluted, and links are broken. visitors will click away from your site, they almost always go to a competitor’s website. It’s important that your website is easy to understand in order to make customers happy.

he key to an easy-to-navigate website is that all links are readily available, key information is easily found, and all pages work properly and are organized in a way that makes sense or easily understood.

3. The website is ugly and outdated

In the digital age, websites become outdated quickly. Ultimately, website users are looking for fresh content, but blog posts and pictures eventually become aged, outdated, or irrelevant. Keep an eye on design trend reports because styles do change fast.
this happens when people forget to update the website – usually because they dont know how, not having enough time, or just losing interest.

4. The site isn't working correctly

. Good coding practices used by web developers are important. You may have a perfect website, but its not responsive,accessible, and has poor usability then users will click away to find a site that offers a a better user experience. Furthermore, you will lose business  if the shopping cart on your ecommerce website is not working or is too complex. and it still takes the company months or even years before it’s fixed. The company may lose more money during that time than what the site upgrade might cost them.

5. The website's content is static

Good content is that can set you apart from the competition and engage your users. This can be done with text, tutorials, how-to instructions, and blogs. You should have a way to easily update and add new content with a content management system(CMS), and you should also be using a search engine optimization plugin, so your content can be better understood by Google