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The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify’s Ecommerce Platform

July 6, 2022
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What is Shopify?

 This question is subjective because, depending on who you talk to, you get different answers. One person might describe it as a way for them to sell products in their brick-and-mortar store and their online store. Another person might describe it as a way to sell things on Instagram. And, another person could describe it as a way to sync all their inventory between different shipping platforms. All of these are true.

 Shopify is a platform designed to solve all of your website design e-commerce needs. There are a number of features that Shopify offers its users. 

Shopify’s core features

1. Listing your products online. 

2. Users can add products to their cart, create accounts, and checkout with a secure payment gateway such as Stripe, Square, and PayPal. 

3.You can get live shipping rates and display those to your customers. 

4. You can import and set tax rates and display those to your customers. 


5. Collect payments for those orders. And, of course, you can manage those orders. So, it’s really everything you need to run an online store. 

6. You can create basic pages and blog posts and customize the look and feel of your site. 

7. There are countless apps in their ecosystem, which offer advanced functionality like affiliate programs, newsletter subscriptions, digital products, and a whole lot more. 

8. The core functionality is very easy to use. 

9. There is no code to write or HTTP code you need to remember. 

10. Shopify is very user-friendly, And they’ve actually done a really good job only showing you the most relevant options so you aren’t going to be overwhelmed by choices. 

11. Setup is easy which you can later customize with their apps if you want more advanced or just different functionality. 

DIY E-commerce

Shopify lets merchants without any technical or design skills create a store themselves — so you don’t need any coding knowledge or design skills.

However, You can edit the HTML and CSS in Shopify, so users with coding skills can further customize their stores extensively. ( Webworkz developers can do that for you). 

Customer Service

If merchants aren’t successful, they’re going to go out of business so you know they are going to care about you.  the people who work for Shopify are incredibly talented and passionate about this topic. And they love helping store owners. So, if you’re thinking about using Shopify for e-commerce, you know you’re going to be in safe hands.

Hosted versus self-hosted platforms

Another powerful reason you might want to use a platform like Shopify is that it is a hosted platform. There are two types of platforms, self-hosted and hosted. Essentially, you’re choosing between customization versus ease of use and stability. Self-hosted platforms are harder to maintain but offer more customization. Hosted platforms are a bit more restricted, but they’re incredibly easy to maintain. On a technical level, a hosted platform is software that someone else is running for you. So Shopify owns, maintains, and runs all of their servers. For self-hosted platforms, you have to host the website and do all of the maintenance yourself.

Shopify is a hosted platform

Shopify is one of the best hosted platforms out there. You’ll spend almost none of your time fixing technical problems, and that means you can focus on building your business and let the store take care of itself.

Create your account


for Shopify.

Build and lauch your own store

Shopify offers a free 14 day trial so which means you can start building your website and publish it on the web today. At the end of the 2-week trial, you will be given a chance to purchase one of three payment plans.

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