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Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing

Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing

August 14, 2022

Can you achieve good sales with bad site design and wrong SEO? Even Dr. Kotler, the marketing guru, can hardly do this. Unique and imaginative design comes first, over SEO and finally marketing efforts. Each of these three steps contains key to success and references to the background of the enterprise as a whole. By that I mean when you first (web design).

It all comes down to attraction

If you read only one book on web design SEO and one on internet marketing you will get lost in the details and the endless options offered. Don’t worry; Try to see the forest behind the trees: it’s all about attraction. With an attractive web design, your site will attract the attention of internet users, getting noticed among hundreds and thousands of people on the web. With smart SEO you are trying to increase traffic to your site, i.e. to induce search engines and more visitors to visit the site more often and stay there longer.

The ultimate objective of a savvy marketing strategy is conversion, turning the visitor into a buyer through all sorts of enticing tricks and manipulations. It’s all about attraction, isn’t it? And the foundation of attraction is you, branding yourself as a reliable and resourceful web partner.

How can this be done better?

If we’re really professional and honest, we must admit that you can’t just overcome normal consumer anxiety with flashy ads and fun widgets, but by treating your customers fairly, focusing on the true value of your products and your unmatched service. respect Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see through his eyes what they want to see, what they like and dislike, where they like to spend their time online, what their shopping habits are, etc.; Then try to make them feel easy and confident, try to solve their problems, not yours. As the guru said, don’t sell drills, sell a convenient way to make holes.

Five practical hints:

  • A one-page site is impractical. Many reliable companies have sites with different pages. Not a single page with product and service details, but entire catalogs, galleries, and categories showcase the business’ capabilities and complete offerings. Strive for it, even on a small scale, but grow steadily.
  • Do not place the order form too close to the home page. If so, it looks like you’re pushing the visitor to buy. But no one likes to be pushed, especially buyers.
  • Make your site compatible with the big three from the start of the article. Don’t allow the visitor to notice that you’ve put a lot of money and effort into design, but don’t have the money or understanding to devote equal attention to SEO or marketing. Or round the other way.
  • Clearly indicate, next to the login and contact buttons, that you have a strict privacy and personal information protection policy and provide a link to the corresponding rules. It builds trust and makes the visitor feel at ease on your site.
  • Get the audience interested, and why not fall in love with the internet marketing miracle called the Unique Selling Proposition? Yes, it is: you offer value that someone can buy from you instead of the competition. If you still don’t have the answer to this question, stop and take your time to figure it out.

Online Marketing on the Internet is more sophisticated than traditional marketing

Compared to traditional marketing, internet marketing is significantly more sophisticated. Due to today’s technological advances, it’s more convenient. Thirty years ago, this technology did not exist.

  • Online marketers can display their ads, videos, and other promotional material on social media, videos, and websites.
  • Ads may also be displayed in mobile apps, i.e., apps on smartphones. It is true that there are countless types of online ads and channels.