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Why your business should have a website

July 25, 2022

Small businesses are a great way to ditch your 9-to-5 job and work for yourself. Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work, since every industry has lots of competitors, and you need to find ways to surpass them the best way you can. This is why it’s imperative to create a great small or large company, startup, and any other kind of business website. Additionally, a website can help you stand out, but it also offers a whole host of benefits. One common question is do you really need a website?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of reasons to help you justify an investment while also experiencing a downturned economy in a post-pandemic world.


Offering your customers more convenience

Once you have a small business website, it becomes easier for your customers to purchase your products. Your website is open 24/7, so customers can either purchase products online, or reserve items in your store. Websites are a great way to generate more sales and revenue. Plus, a website is not that expensive to make, which further shows the value that can be obtained here.

Increased hiring ability

  • Multilingual translation
  • Streamline Your Interview Process
  • Easy to use the application form

Establishing an online presence

Not everyone has access to your physical store, so it makes sense to have an online presence too. On top of that, you can use your small business website as a way to promote a variety of products, even share discounts and educate users about your new offerings. It’s a wonderful way to further expand the way you connect with customers, and results can be very impressive.

Getting access to new client bases

A local store is rather limited when it comes to the clients you can access. However, if you create your own small business website, you can easily promote your business and products to customers worldwide. Even if you just want to stick to your region, that still means accessing more people and connecting with a vast customer base. You will have a tool to communicate with a multi-lingual audience It’s certainly worth it, and the investment can be incredible.

Cuts Costs

Besides simply displaying information, websites can also be used to sell goods & services directly to customers, eliminating the need for traditional stores with high operating costs (rent, utilities, staff wages, etc.) By eliminating these overhead costs, you can also lower your prices, allowing you to give your business a competitive edge. Your company can also use it internally; do you ever want to share any news with your colleagues, or do you have any important information that managers need access to? An internal website simplifies your life as everything you need is centralized and always on hand. What is an internal website?

Social Proofing

It’s imperative for any small business to have social proofing, a way to show everyone the value they provide. A good way to do that is to show testimonials and customer reviews. You can easily curate reviews and testimonials from other online sources and show them on your website. Not only will people trust you more, but you also get to show the value for money that you can offer them. It just doesn’t get any better than this. 

You have complete control over your website

Once you create your own small business website, you can fully customize it the way you want. That means you can start a blog section, share images, customer reviews, testimonials, new product insights, sales or anywhere you want. You can even add social buttons. Yes, you have complete control over your website, and that alone can be a powerful tool if you use it right.

Surpassing competitors

You can study the competitors and see their overall online presence, then find a way to surpass them. It all comes down to researching and them implementing the right features that truly make your website better and more professional than competitors. Once you do that and also optimize your website for SEO, it becomes a lot easier to generate even more leads along with improving your image and branding online.


You can attract more customers and leads by investing in a small business’s website. If you need to create your own website for your Atlanta-based business , don’t hesitate and give WebWorkz a call as we offer cutting-edge website design services that will help you push the boundaries and take your business to the next level.